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 Recreate the experience of "a night at the horse races" at your next special event! "And they're off!" Experience the fun, the excitement, the feel of being their in person! The only difference is that we use play money, markers, or chips so that everything is legal!

This event has been designed so that all of your guests, novice to veteran gamblers, can play, win, and enjoy themselves. Under no circumstances is a knowledge of horse race track betting required to participate in this event.

If you want a unique event that will be remembered, than let us plan 'a night at the horse races' for you!

Here's how it all works...

Each guest receives a Betting Program upon entering the Track (your facility).

The Betting Programs will list all of the races individually.

Each race lists the name of the horse, the name of the jockey, and the odds.

Each guest receives a $200 flat credit to bet with on each race. This credit is obtained automatically with their Program in
their possession... therefore the Programs are very valuable depending on the prizes.

Once all of your guests have arrive, the Master of Ceremonies will give a brief description of how the event will run...

Introduction to the idea of horse racing.
How to place your bets.
Time limits for placing each bet.
Value of the Program.
How to win.
How to collect your winnings (collection of your credits on the Program).

Throughout the event, we will run a series of races:

One race will be held every ten (10) minutes. This time breaks down as follows:

3 minutes for post time betting 3 to 4 minutes for the race
3 to 4 minues to collect your winnings

How to place a bet:

Guests will proceed to one of the Betting Windows locaed in your facility.
Guests will then present their Program to the Cashier and 'place their bet' on their winning horse for that race.
The Cashier will mark their Program appropriately and return it to guest.
Guests will be allowed to bet only $200 per race.

How to win:

If  the horse you bet on either wins, places, or shows (i.e.; comes in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place), you automatically win.Pay out is based on the odds listed in the Program next to the horse.

Obvisouly these are not authentic horse racing rules but rather a simplified version of para-mutual betting. This event has been designed so that all of your guests, novice to veteran gamblers, can play, win, and enjoy themselves. Under no circumstances is a knowledge of horse race track betting required  to participate in this event.

Guests then take their Programs back to any Cashier and receives credit on the front page of their Betting  Program.
Guests then place their bets for the next race... "5 minutes to post time... 5 minutes to post tiem... place
your  bets, please!"

Maximum bets per race:

The maximum bet per race is $200 of which each guest is credited per prace in their Program.
Guests may not use accumulaed credit from the front of their Program to raise their maximum bet
Guests' "grand total" will be the amount of all credits accumulated after the completeionof all races.


Event Conclusion... How to win the Prizes!

After the conclusion of the final race, guests return to the Betting Windows and the Cashier will
tabulate their "grand total".

Each guest receives one raffle ticket per $100 of winnings.

The guests will place the appropriate portion of the raffle tickets into the mixing drum which is then
readied for the drawing.

Prizes are the responsibility of the Sponsor of the event.

Your "A Night at the Derby" would consists of the following components:

Client's Responsibility

Room Decoration

The addition of Room Decorations to your event, adds another dimension and extra excitement!

Props Available for your Consideration


Typical equipment and staffing requirements


50 People

100 People

150 People

200 People

300 People


Inquiries must be directed to the agent that refered you to this site